Connection Technology Systems with AVSystem in Strategic Partnership to Enhance WiFi Solutions

We’re proud to announce that AVSystem, a vendor of device management and network automation software, is partnering with CTS!

The aim of this collaboration was to jointly develop an innovative managed Wi-Fi solution. AVSystem who is known for their extensive knowledge in device management and network automation, and CTS with our in-house designed and high-quality products, have joined hands to create this solution.

This partnership offers real estate owners, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and network owners a Cloud ACS  in Software as a Service (SaaS) model that is seamlessly integrated with CTS’s hardware while adhering to open standards such as TR-069 and TR-369. The integration aims to equip customers with a solution that prevents vendor lock-in, giving them a competitive advantage in terms of scalability and adaptability.

CTS devices have gained a reputation in several European markets already. With AVSystem’s Cloud ACS integration, these devices can now effectively relay an array of parameters. These parameters can be analyzed using the Mesh Wi-Fi feature that is inherent to Cloud ACS. This empowers the operators to automate a multitude of processes, augmented by the user-centric application provided by AVSystem.

“CTS are very delighted to work with AVSystem and their professional staff. Being able to intertwine our knowledge from hardware and AVSystem’s knowledge of management systems took the collaboration to another level. In our Wi-Fi solution, it is very important to give the end customer the best Wi-Fi experience and this is something AVSystem can help us with as their platform has a big focus on Wi-Fi and remote troubleshooting” – stated Andreas Johnsson, Product Manager at CTS.

“This partnership represents a strategic alignment of two experienced companies, leveraging distinct strengths to offer a comprehensive solution”, summed up Sławomir Wolf, CEO at AVSystem. “It underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge offerings to the Swedish market”.

AVSystem is dedicated to achieving its goal of providing tools for automating network management that streamline operations. This collaboration is a reflection of those efforts and is an example of shared objectives and technological expertise coming together to deliver thoughtful solutions.

You can learn more about CTS Wi-Fi as a service solution here.

About AVSystem:

AVSystem was established in 2006 and focuses on providing automation solutions for connected device ecosystems. The company started by serving the telco industry but has since expanded to serve various sectors in over 60 countries. AVSystem believes that open standards are crucial to the future, which is full of incredible inventions and innovations, driven by flexible and dynamic technology accessible to everyone.

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About CTS:

CTS has been a notable player in the market since its establishment in 1998, with its headquarters located in Taipei. The company has a diverse presence in countries like Sweden, Austria, Japan, and the U.S. CTS boasts a high customer satisfaction rate of 97.8% and serves over 350 customers across more than 40 countries.