CTS launches new access switches for copper networks

Considering there are still large-scale installations of cat5 / cat6 networks that are not converted to fiber, we have chosen to also develop a series of access switches for copper networks. First model that’s coming out is ESW-5128 with 24 customer ports and 4 x 1 / 10G SFP+ which will become deliverable in Q3. Then there comes ESW-5112 with 8 customer ports, 2 x multi-Gig ports and 2 x 1 / 10G SFP+ as well as ESW-5152 with 48 customer ports and 4 x 1 / 10G SFP+. The products are based on the same chipset series as our FOS series, which is already being rolled out live today by Varberg Energi among others, and these products will therefore have the same functionalities as the FOS series.