Managing network problems remotely

Imagine being able to restart your network equipment remotely, instead of sending a technician when the network equipment needs to be restarted. Network manufacturer CTS has developed a PoE converter that allows you to do just this, no matter how far away you are from the location. This refers to a PoE-powered device that can be completely restarted remotely.

In early 2023, CTS launched a product on the market that powers Power over Ethernet products (PoE). This product is already saving many of their customers both time and money, but remains unknown to many. Now they aim to increase awareness of this product, as they see a gap in the market. Andreas Johnsson, Product Manager at CTS, explains how the product works:

– Our PoE converter has a feature that we call a PoE trigger. This makes it possible to restart PoE products remotely, for example, an IP camera or a Wi-Fi access point. With our product, the user can easily turn off the power to devices to save energy when they are not in use, or restart devices when a fault has occurred, says Andreas.

Another feature worth highlighting is the CTS PoE converter’s ability to withstand very low temperatures. It is fully functional from -20 degrees Celsius up to 75 degrees. This means it can be mounted in outdoor cabinets without external influence from the weather. The product is unmanaged, which means it does not require any extensive installation or configuration, Andreas further explains:

– The function in our PoE trigger turns off the power and data to the equipment on the copper link when the fiber link goes down. This is done when the fiber port on the other side is turned off. Normally, you would need to send out a technician to turn off and turn on the power to get the equipment running again. It can take several hours before the problem is solved, and it also costs a lot of money to send out a technician. With our product, you save both time and money, Andreas believes.

The PoE converter as a whole is not a unique product. The difference between a standard PoE converter and a PoE trigger from CTS, is that CTS’s product stands out with remote troubleshooting. Initially, the idea came from a customer who was investigating whether CTS could create a special solution for them. After some thought, an engineer took the matter into hand and CTS delivered its first PoE converter upon request. Since the turn of the year, the PoE trigger has been in the standard range at CTS. The network manufacturer now hopes to reach a new target audience – a goal they believe is achievable with this new product.

– We know that there are many companies out there struggling with this daily. They send out technician after technician, and do not know that there is actually a better solution to the problem, Andreas elaborates.

What’s special about the product is that it is fundamentally unmanaged. Thanks to skilled engineers and technicians, CTS managed to make the product more advanced than standard products on the market, with the function to solve network problems remotely – something that many probably did not think was possible.

Facts about Power over Ethernet (PoE):

  • The standard has existed since 2003.
  • PoE is a technology that makes it possible to deliver power and data over an Ethernet cable at the same time, which simplifies the installation of network devices such as IP cameras or wireless Wi-Fi access points.
  • Over the years, more products have been introduced that are powered and send data in the same cable. They have also increased the power capacity – allowing for more power to be sent than what was initially possible when the first PoE products were launched on the market.

How CTS’s new PoEconverter works:

  • The function of a PoE trigger enables the restart of network equipment remotely.
  • The converter consists of a fiber port and a copper port, with the PoE equipment connected on the copper side. When the fiber side is then turned off remotely, the copper side automatically goes down, and the connected PoE equipment is also turned off.
  • With this function, you can either restart the equipment or completely turn off the power, thus saving on electricity.
  • In summary, the PoE converter from CTS can save companies both time and money.